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The way you speak to yourself matters.

I am not the most self-loving person. While I do value my strengths , I also ask a lot of myself. In times of great stress, I expect my body and mind to give 100% even though I rarely put in the right treatment of my body to reach its full potential.
I have realized I often talk down to myself in my mind. I beat myself up about every little flaw and mistake, analyzing the tiniest details and searching for more mistakes on my part. This is time consuming and energy draining but I do it nevertheless. Up until recently, I let my mind cloud my mood with my own disruptive thoughts. My mind is a cloudy place in general lately – that I have come to realize.
I am trying to make a point of treating myself in the way I want my friends to treat themselves. I am trying to accept and celebrate my reactions to the best of my ability. Because the way you speak to yourself matters.

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To my beautiful sister

Change is the only constant. And it creeps up on us, whether we notice it or not. Tomorrow, a big change is going to happen. My sister is moving away. I am beyond happy for her but I am also selfish. I don’t want her to go because I don’t want to miss my big sister. We are rarely ever physically close, yet it somehow feels different whether hundreds of kilometers separate us or a huge ocean and time difference. It has been quiet on our little Uke Blog, there is no real excuse, just life that happened and things that got busy. But with change and new challenges comes new energy, from which MoodyUkes is going to benefit. I want to start this new chapter with a couple of words directed to my beautiful sister.

To me, you can do no wrong. To me, you are the strongest, most fearless person I have met. You jump on challenging opportunities and you handle them so brilliantly. You never give yourself enough credit for that.

I want to hurt everyone who has ever dared to hurt you because you are my sister and no one gets to do that! I don’t want you to face any pain ever alone again, I want you to know I am here to listen. I know our genes and twisted brains tell us to keep it together and deal with it on our own, but you have taught me over the last month that it is okay to be hurting and it is okay to talk about it to someone. It is more than okay, it actually helps to not deal with things alone. I hope you think of me sometimes when you are facing a problem because I know you will be the first person I ask for advice. Be prepared for many calls from your little sister (probably at an unreasonable hour) to discuss my little worries. I will try to tone it down, I promise.

I know you will have an amazing time, you will meet great people and you will be okay, no matter how you feel right now. I want the people you are about to meet to know what an incredible human being they are about to get to know. And I want them to fully appreciate you because otherwise, I want my big sister back!

You will be missed here, but I know you need to be elsewhere now. I love you so much

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