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About us

So who are Moody Ukes? 

Let us introduce ourselves: We are two sisters, Elena and Maria. In this blog, we want to share our thoughts and inspirations with you about anything and everything: life, love, music, health, entertainment and whatever comes to mind. This is not our personal diary or the narration of our lifestories but rather snapshots of our current mindsets, trends we want to share with you, passions we indulge in, or dreams (sometimes nightmares) we experience. We both play the ukulele and the uke is something like the mascot for this page: Reminding us to stay focused, to keep practicing, and to prove that while we aren’t exactly musical talents – with the uke anything is possible 😉

Maria is 23 years old and will finish up her master’s degree next year in order to explore the adult world out there. She is a night owl, likes her creative work space to be messy & chaotic, and is in a constant love-hate relationship with the sun.

Elena just started her sociology studies, is a real cereal enthusiast and a big believer in Karma. She is a morning person, as well as a beach girl. 19 years old and in a love affair with dry shampoo.

Another thing we would like to mention about us: We have been in a long-distance relationship with each other since 2012, so this blog is a way for us to stay connected. We have shared a room together or at times had an ocean between us, so we are used to living super close and far apart. We like to think that we have mastered the long distance 😉