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The way you speak to yourself matters.

I am not the most self-loving person. While I do value my strengths , I also ask a lot of myself. In times of great stress, I expect my body and mind to give 100% even though I rarely put in the right treatment of my body to reach its full potential.
I have realized I often talk down to myself in my mind. I beat myself up about every little flaw and mistake, analyzing the tiniest details and searching for more mistakes on my part. This is time consuming and energy draining but I do it nevertheless. Up until recently, I let my mind cloud my mood with my own disruptive thoughts. My mind is a cloudy place in general lately – that I have come to realize.
I am trying to make a point of treating myself in the way I want my friends to treat themselves. I am trying to accept and celebrate my reactions to the best of my ability. Because the way you speak to yourself matters.

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