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Introducing the Ukes

Hello there,

since we have finally finished building our page (huge thanks to Alexenia and their talent in designing our logo), we are ready for our first post. Obviously, the ukulele is a center piece of this blog and we will keep you updated on our progress in music. Currently we are working on a duet (“Comptine d’Un Autre Été”), so hopefully we can soon play some Amelie sountrack!

We do want to stick to a posting schedule. We will both post once a week – right now it will be Maria’s turn on Tuesdays and Elena will follow on Fridays. We will see how that will work out 😀 As you can see, we will post separetely from each other. We do live far apart, so coordinating blog posts is difficult as it is. You will also soon notice that we are two very unique individuals, so we like to keep the content of our thoughts and ideas separate. <3

If you have feedback and comments about this page and our approach to this blog, feel free to contact us!

So far, so good: Let the fun begin.

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